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New Homes

We offer a full line of services for New Homes, Additions, Remodels and Retrofits.  See each sub-heading (at the left).

A beautiful new home in the Beaver Brook area near Bergen Park, Colorado

For Homeowners and/or Builders.  We can develop your sketches or create a new design incorporating your needs and ideas.

See your project in full 3d at any phase of development.  I use sophisticated 3d Solid Modeling software called SolidBuilder by Digital Canal.  Take a look at their website:  http://www.digitalcanal.com/solidbuilder.htm

Ready to be engineered and submitted to your local Building Department for permitting. 

Engineers, builders, Interior Designers and other professionals that you may need referrals to.  We only work with and recommend the best of the best in our area (Evergreen, Colorado and surrounding areas in and around the Rocky Mountain region).

Both exterior and interior views.  These drawings may be photorealistic and can also be made with different styles and effects.  The sophisicated rendering package that we use is ViewBuild USA.  Visit their website for more details.  http://www.viewbuildusa.com

I work with you and your builder to determine what your budget is.  Then we will work together to design your space with grace and beauty, streamlined functionality and still stay within your budget numbers.

I have been designing and overseeing homes from North Carolina to New Mexico and all around Colorado for more than 20 years.  I especially enjoy designing homes for sloping sights.